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Avner de-Shalit

Professor of Political Science

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


אבנר דה-שליט, אבנר דה שליט, avner de-shalit,  avner de shalit, civicism, human rights, democracy, environmental politics, equality,  socialism, urban politics, political science, political philosophy, political theory, 

I enjoy most supervising MA and PhD students. I feel honored and privileged to supervise our brilliant students at the Hebrew University.

Among my PhD students in the past:





  • Noam Hofstadter - who wrote about human rights organizations in Israel.


  • Ishai Menuchin-  who wrote a philosophical account of civil disobedience,


  • Neta Lipman Serbi- who did a comparative study of green campaigns and the major values put forward in them


  • Shahar Sade- has been working on environmental peace-parks

  • Nir Barak - whose dissertation was on environmental politics and citizenship in cities

  • Nechumi Yaffe-  whose dissertation was on poverty in the ultra orthodox community

My current PhD students:

  • Tamar Hofnung -  working on politics and framing of policy making

  • Lior Glick is working on democratic participation in the city

  • Schira Kaiser - working on the concept of recognition and human rights


  • Merav Kaddar - working on models of civic participation in cities

  • Tal Alster - working on egalitarianism in cities

  • Galit Bineth - working on educational interventions in cities and constructing local identity

  • Iddan Sonsino - working on capabilities and equality

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