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Avner de-Shalit

Professor of Political Science

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


אבנר דה-שליט, אבנר דה שליט, avner de-shalit,  avner de shalit, civicism, human rights, democracy, environmental politics, equality,  socialism, urban politics, political science, political philosophy, political theory, 

Most of my publications are in English, although Hebrew speakers might enjoy my books Socialism (Misrad Habita’chon publications) and Red-Green (Adom Yarok, Babel publications). I like reading both academic papers and academic books but when it comes to writing - it seems to me that I have enjoyed writing books much more. In particular I enjoyed writing some of my recent books with two great friends, Jo Wolff (Disadvantage, OUP) and Daniel Bell (The Spirit of Cities, PUP).

I am currently engaged in three research projects:

1. How should inequality in the city be measured?

This is another joint project with Jonathan Wolff (Oxford University) and it addresses methodological and philosophical issues of constructing an index for measuring inequality in cities.

2. Vision for Israel.

A joint project, with Keren DInur and Dan Miodownik, based on interviews with Israelis who have various visions for Israel in many fields, from the arts to the environment, psychology to Arabs-Jews relationships. The book will be jargon free and published in Hebrew.

3. Artists and the city.

This is a joint research project with Volker Kirchberg (Leuphana University). We study various models of ways in which artists try to make social and political impact in the city where they live. A comparative study in Hamburg, Hanover, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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