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Avner de-Shalit

Professor of Political Science

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


אבנר דה-שליט, אבנר דה שליט, avner de-shalit,  avner de shalit, civicism, human rights, democracy, environmental politics, equality,  socialism, urban politics, political science, political philosophy, political theory, 

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I owe this book to Tirza Yuval, who convinced me to broadcast these series of lectures on the radio and then write the book. Since then she passed away and we all miss her and her amazing radio programs a lot.


Published in 1995 by Misrad ha' Bitachon Press


פורסם בשנת 1995 על ידי האוניברסיטה המשודרת (משרד הביטחון)



Red-Green: Democracy, Justice and the Environment

Published in 2004 by Babel Publishers.

אדום-ירוק: דמוקרטיה, צדק ואיכות הסביבה

פורסם בשנת 2004 על ידי הוצאת בבל

This book is a normative justification for policies that reflect social democratic and green values. I am indebted to Eilon Schwartz, one of my ex-doctorate students, who persuaded me to write the book.


Edited with Amalia Oliver and Tammar Zilber, published in 2013 by Magnes Press

מנהיגים חברתיים בישראל

בעריכה משותפת עם עמליה אוליבר-לומרמן ותמר זילבר



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