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Max Kampelman Chair

Chair for Democracy and Human Rights

Every year the Kampelman Chair invites a prominent philosopher, social scientist, or lawyer, to deliver an annual lecture on the topic of human rights. So far the Hebrew University hosted ten scholars: Prof. Thomas Pogge (then at Columbia University now at Yale University) talked about poverty as a violation of human rights; Prof. Daniel Bell from Tsinghua University in Beijing, talked about the meeting of international human rights organizations with Chinese people; Prof. Stephen Hopgood from SOAS, University of London, lectured on Amnesty International; Prof. Philip Pettit from Princeton University talked about the idea of rights; Dr. Avia Pasternak, then at Essex and currently at UCL, lectured on citizens’ responsibilities for their states’ violations of human rights; Prof. Philippe Van Parijs (Université catholique de Louvain) talked about language, rights, and justice; Prof. Sid Tarrow from Cornell talked about War’s impact on civil and uncivil politics; prof. David Campbell (Notre Dame University) talked on democratic participation. Professor Kristin Shrader-Frechette from Notre Dame University talked about environmental injustice as harming human rights; Prof. John Barry from Queens University Belfast on Ireland’s experience of academics participation in democratic and pro peace politics: Prof. Micheline Ishay (Denver) talked about the history of human rights; Prof. Meira Levinson from Harvard talked about

dilemmas of citizenship teaching in American schools.


About Kampelman Annual Lecture

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