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Avner de-Shalit

Professor of Political Science

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


אבנר דה-שליט, אבנר דה שליט, avner de-shalit,  avner de shalit, civicism, human rights, democracy, environmental politics, equality,  socialism, urban politics, political science, political philosophy, political theory, , public reflective equilibrium

Avner de Shalit, אבנר דה שליט

Photo: Agnes Arbeli

Shalom and welcome to my website!

I am a political philosopher and Max Kampelman Chair of democracy and human rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  I am also a frustrated (that is to say one who tried to be professional but failed) musician and a hopeless supporter of Ha’poel (literally; the worker) Jerusalem basketball team. All this has to be tolerated by my beloved family: Yifat and our three children, Daniel, Hillel, and Shiri.


My research interests and teaching are equality, democracy and human rights, environmental politics and urban politics. I am currently working on several research projects of political theory and cities. If what you are looking for is not on the website please feel free to email me.


Enjoy, Avner

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